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One of the most attractive services of UpThink is its outsourced IT resources. Some of our clients have unique requirements calling for the presence of full time engineers at their premises. For such clients we provide the required IT resource at their desired site. The good part about having someone at your company on our payroll is that we handle all the Human Resource related matters and make sure we have a backfill available in case the designated person is on leave. Additionally your company gets a qualified resource without going through the trouble related to calculating compensation and providing insurance. We handle everything remotely while you get an employee minus all the hassles related to hiring and training.

While we provide the necessary resource and take all matters into our hands, your company can focus on growing and managing its core business. Our deep insight into IT human capital management and the quality of our IT Professionals will help you in achieving your business goals, by optimizing your IT workforce strategies thus contributing to your strategic growth.

We have Outsourced Full Time Engineers (FTEs) of different levels for many IT related roles, some of which are: Network administrators, Desktop support engineers, Web developers, Programmers, Desk-side Support Engineer, Cisco certified Engineers and System Engineers.

Your company can ask for any sort of custom arrangement and we will be there to provide it. We will have the required personnel, of the required level and field for the duration you specify and at any location you would mention.

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